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Places in Syria with AD

Search and find places in Syria with first letters AD.

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Alphabetical index of places in Syria with AD

There are 101 places in Syria beginning with 'AD' (in alphabetical order).
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Page 1:   Ad Dabawiyah   to   Ad Dawudiyah
Places in Syria with AD
Ad Dabawiyah Aḑ Ḑabāwīyah1.Al-Hasakah Al-Hasakah-
Ad Daba` Aḑ Ḑabā‘2.Al-Hasakah Al-Hasakah-
Ad Dabbaghah Ad Dabbāghah3.Latakia Latakia-
Ad Dabbusiyah Ad Dabbūsīyah4.Quneitra Quneitra-
Ad Dabhah Ad Dabḩah5.Al-Hasakah Al-Hasakah-
Ad Dabshiyah Ad Dabshīyah6.Idlib Idlib-
Ad Dab`ah Aḑ Ḑab‘ah7.Hama Hama-
Ad Dab`ah Aḑ Ḑab‘ah8.Homs Homs-
Ad Daflah Ad Daflah9.Latakia Latakia-
Ad Dahadil Ad Daḩādīl10.Dimashq Dimashq-
Ad Dahdah Ad Daḩdāḩ11.Dimashq Dimashq-
Ad Dahiriyah Aḑ Ḑāhirīyah12.Hama Hama-
Ad Dahiriyah Aḑ Ḑahīrīyah13.Hama Hama-
Ad Dahiriyah Aḑ Ḑāhirīyah14.Homs Homs-
Ad Dahiriyah al Qibliyah Aḑ Ḑāhirīyah al Qiblīyah15.Idlib Idlib-
Ad Dahiriyah ash Shamaliyah Aḑ Ḑāhirīyah ash Shamālīyah16.Idlib Idlib-
Ad Dahlab Ad Daḩlab17.Deir ez-Zor Deir ez-Zor-
Ad Dahqurah Ad Daḩqūrah18.Latakia Latakia-
Ad Dahriyah Ad Dahrīyah19.Hama Hama-
Ad Dahshah Ad Dahshah20.Quneitra Quneitra-
Ad Dahwariyah Ad Dahwarīyah21.Homs Homs-
Ad Dajaj Ad Dajāj22.As-Suwayda As-Suwayda-
Ad Dakikah Ad Dakīkah23.Tartus Tartus-
Ad Dalhamiyah Ad Dalhamīyah24.Quneitra Quneitra-
Ad Dali Ad Dālī25.Latakia Latakia-
Ad Daliyah Ad Dālīyah26.Latakia Latakia-
Ad Dalwah Ad Dalwah27.Quneitra Quneitra-
Ad Dalwah Ad Dalwah28.Quneitra Quneitra-
Ad Dalwah Ad Dalwah29.Quneitra Quneitra-
Ad Damat Ad Dāmāt30.Latakia Latakia-
Ad Daminah Aḑ Ḑamīnah31.-
Ad Dana Ad Dānā32.Aleppo Aleppo-
Ad Dana Ad Dānā33.Idlib Idlib21,987
Ad Dana Ad Dānā34.Idlib Idlib-
Ad Danbiyah Ad Danbīyah35.Tartus Tartus-
Ad Daqq Ad Daqq36.Aleppo Aleppo-
Ad Darah Ad Dārah37.As-Suwayda As-Suwayda-
Ad Darajat Ad Darajāt38.Tartus Tartus-
Ad Dara`i Ad Dara‘ī39.Aleppo Aleppo-
Ad Dara`iyah Umm `Adas Ad Dara‘īyah Umm ‘Adas40.Aleppo Aleppo-
Ad Darbashiyah Ad Darbāshīyah41.Latakia Latakia-
Ad Darbashiyah Ad Darbāshīyah42.Latakia Latakia-
Ad Darbashiyah Ad Darbāshīyah43.Quneitra Quneitra-
Ad Darbasiyah Ad Darbāsīyah44.Al-Hasakah Al-Hasakah21,481
Ad Dardarah Ad Dardārah45.Quneitra Quneitra-
Ad Dardarah Ad Dardārah46.Tartus Tartus-
Ad Dashishah Ad Dashīshah47.Al-Hasakah Al-Hasakah-
Ad Dawsariyah Ad Dawsarīyah48.Homs Homs-
Ad Dawshah Ad Dawshah49.Al-Hasakah Al-Hasakah-
Ad Dawudiyah Ad Dāwūdīyah50.Al-Hasakah Al-Hasakah-

1 - 50 of 101 places
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