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There are 381 places in Syria beginning with 'AS' (in alphabetical order).
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Page 6:   Ash Shakusiyah   to   Ash Shaykh Dahir
Places in Syria with AS
Ash Shakusiyah Ash Shakūsīyah251.Hama Hama-
Ash Shamaliyah Ash Shamālīyah252.Hama Hama-
Ash Shamaliyat Ash Shamālīyāt253.Tartus Tartus-
Ash Shamamis Ash Shamāmīs254.Tartus Tartus-
Ash Shamas Ash Shamās255.Deir ez-Zor Deir ez-Zor-
Ash Shamiyah Ash Shāmīyah256.Al-Hasakah Al-Hasakah-
Ash Shamiyah Ash Shāmīyah257.Homs Homs-
Ash Shamiyah Ash Shāmīyah258.Latakia Latakia-
Ash Shammasiyah Bawi`ah Ash Shammāsīyah Bāwi‘ah259.Al-Hasakah Al-Hasakah-
Ash Shamshakiyah Ash Shamshakīyah260.Latakia Latakia-
Ash Shamsiyah Ash Shamsīyah261.Al-Hasakah Al-Hasakah-
Ash Shanniyah Ash Shannīyah262.Tartus Tartus-
Ash Shantarah Ash Shanţarah263.Aleppo Aleppo-
Ash Shanuriyah Ash Shānūrīyah264.Idlib Idlib-
Ash Shanyah Ash Shanyah265.Homs Homs-
Ash Shaqqah Ash Shaqqah266.Homs Homs-
Ash Shaqraniyah Ash Shaqrānīyah267.Daraa Daraa-
Ash Shar`ah Jamlan Ash Shar‘ah Jamlān268.Daraa Daraa-
Ash Sharafiyah Ash Sharafīyah269.Idlib Idlib-
Ash Sharah Ash Shārah270.Al-Hasakah Al-Hasakah-
Ash Sharah Ash Shārah271.Ar-Raqqah Ar-Raqqah-
Ash Sharaqliyah Ash Sharaqlīyah272.Homs Homs-
Ash Sharashir Ash Sharāshīr273.Latakia Latakia-
Ash Sharayi` Ash Sharāyi‘274.Daraa Daraa-
Ash Shari`ah Ash Sharī‘ah275.Hama Hama-
Ash Shari`ah Ash Sharī‘ah276.Hama Hama-
Ash Sharikah Ash Sharikah277.Rif-dimashq Rif-dimashq-
Ash Sharkasiyah Ash Sharkasīyah278.Dimashq Dimashq-
Ash Sharqi Ash Sharqī279.Rif-dimashq Rif-dimashq-
Ash Sharqiyah Ash Sharqīyah280.Idlib Idlib-
Ash Sharqiyah Ash Sharqīyah281.Rif-dimashq Rif-dimashq-
Ash Sharqiyat Ash Sharqīyāt282.Aleppo Aleppo-
Ash Shattayah Ash Shaţţāyah283.Homs Homs-
Ash Shawk Ash Shawk284.Tartus Tartus-
Ash Shawkatliyah Ash Shawkatlīyah285.Rif-dimashq Rif-dimashq-
Ash Shawmariyah Ash Shawmarīyah286.Homs Homs-
Ash Shayb Ash Shayb287.Al-Hasakah Al-Hasakah-
Ash Shaybani Ash Shaybānī288.Tartus Tartus-
Ash Shaykh `Abbas Ash Shaykh ‘Abbās289.Idlib Idlib-
Ash Shaykh `Abd Allah Ash Shaykh ‘Abd Allāh290.Hama Hama-
Ash Shaykh `Ali Ash Shaykh ‘Alī291.Aleppo Aleppo-
Ash Shaykh `Ali Ash Shaykh ‘Alī292.Homs Homs-
Ash Shaykh `Alwan Ash Shaykh ‘Alwān293.Aleppo Aleppo-
Ash Shaykh `Isa Ash Shaykh ‘Īsá294.Aleppo Aleppo-
Ash Shaykh `Isa Ash Shaykh ‘Īsá295.Aleppo Aleppo-
Ash Shaykh `Isa Ash Shaykh ‘Īsá296.Idlib Idlib-
Ash Shaykh Ahmad Ash Shaykh Aḩmad297.Al-Hasakah Al-Hasakah-
Ash Shaykh Ahmad Ash Shaykh Aḩmad298.Tartus Tartus-
Ash Shaykh Badr Ash Shaykh Badr299.Tartus Tartus-
Ash Shaykh Dahir Ash Shaykh Ḑāhir300.Latakia Latakia-

251 - 300 of 381 places
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