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There are 174 places in Syria beginning with 'BI' (in alphabetical order).
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Places in Syria with BI
Bi'r `Abar Bi’r ‘Abār1.Ar-Raqqah Ar-Raqqah-
Bi'r `Abd Allah Junayd Bi’r ‘Abd Allāh Junayd2.Aleppo Aleppo-
Bi'r `Ajam Bi’r ‘Ajam3.Quneitra Quneitra-
Bi'r `Arab Bi’r ‘Arab4.Ar-Raqqah Ar-Raqqah-
Bi'r `Asi Bi’r ‘Āşī5.Ar-Raqqah Ar-Raqqah-
Bi'r `Atwan Bi’r ‘Atwān6.Ar-Raqqah Ar-Raqqah-
Bi'r `Isa Bi’r ‘Īsá7.Ar-Raqqah Ar-Raqqah-
Bi'r `Ubaydu Bi’r ‘Ubaydū8.Aleppo Aleppo-
Bi'r `Umar Bi’r ‘Umar9.Aleppo Aleppo-
Bi'r Abu al Hassan Bi’r Abū al Ḩassān10.Ar-Raqqah Ar-Raqqah-
Bi'r ad Damm Bi’r ad Damm11.Aleppo Aleppo-
Bi'r al `Atshanah Bi’r al ‘Aţshānah12.Ar-Raqqah Ar-Raqqah-
Bi'r al `Ubaydat Bi’r al ‘Ubaydāt13.Aleppo Aleppo-
Bi'r al A`ma Bi’r al A‘má14.Aleppo Aleppo-
Bi'r al Hashm Bi’r al Hashm15.Ar-Raqqah Ar-Raqqah-
Bi'r al Hulw al Wardiyah Bi’r al Ḩulw al Wardīyah16.Al-Hasakah Al-Hasakah-
Bi'r al Khuzam Bi’r al Khuzām17.Ar-Raqqah Ar-Raqqah-
Bi'r as Sab` Bi’r as Sab‘18.Dimashq Dimashq-
Bi'r ash Shamli Bi’r ash Shamlī19.Aleppo Aleppo-
Bi'r Bakar Bi’r Bakār20.Aleppo Aleppo-
Bi'r Bazin Bi’r Bāzīn21.Al-Hasakah Al-Hasakah-
Bi'r Dahr al Faraj Bi’r Ḑahr al Faraj22.Aleppo Aleppo-
Bi'r Dallah Bi’r Dallah23.Aleppo Aleppo-
Bi'r Habash Bi’r Ḩabash24.Ar-Raqqah Ar-Raqqah-
Bi'r Hajj Khalif Bi’r Ḩājj Khalīf25.Ar-Raqqah Ar-Raqqah-
Bi'r Hammam Bi’r Ḩammām26.Ar-Raqqah Ar-Raqqah-
Bi'r Hulw Bi’r Ḩulw27.Al-Hasakah Al-Hasakah-
Bi'r Jarbu Bi’r Jarbū28.Ar-Raqqah Ar-Raqqah-
Bi'r Jubaybah Bi’r Jubaybah29.Deir ez-Zor Deir ez-Zor-
Bi'r Kannah Bi’r Kannah30.Aleppo Aleppo-
Bi'r Khallu Bi’r Khallū31.Aleppo Aleppo-
Bi'r Ma`jalah Bi’r Ma‘jalah32.Ar-Raqqah Ar-Raqqah-
Bi'r Mal Bi’r Māl33.Aleppo Aleppo-
Bi'r Missalatayn Bi’r Missalatayn34.Ar-Raqqah Ar-Raqqah-
Bi'r Muhammad al Khidr Bi’r Muḩammad al Khiḑr35.Ar-Raqqah Ar-Raqqah-
Bi'r Mulayhan Bi’r Mulayḩān36.Ar-Raqqah Ar-Raqqah-
Bi'r Rahum Bi’r Raḩūm37.Ar-Raqqah Ar-Raqqah-
Bi'r Rash Bi’r Rāsh38.Aleppo Aleppo-
Bi'r Sa`id Bi’r Sa‘īd39.Ar-Raqqah Ar-Raqqah-
Bi'r Saf`ak Bi’r Şaf‘ak40.Ar-Raqqah Ar-Raqqah-
Bi'r Safyan Bi’r Şafyān41.Deir ez-Zor Deir ez-Zor-
Bi'r Salim Bi’r Sālim42.Ar-Raqqah Ar-Raqqah-
Bi'r Shallal Bi’r Shallāl43.Aleppo Aleppo-
Bi'r Shallal Bi’r Shallāl44.Ar-Raqqah Ar-Raqqah-
Bi'r Shammari Bi’r Shammarī45.Deir ez-Zor Deir ez-Zor-
Bi'r Tuwaynan Bi’r Tuwaynān46.Homs Homs-
Bibar Bībār47.Latakia Latakia-
Bidayah Bidāyah48.Aleppo Aleppo-
Biftamun Bifţāmūn49.Idlib Idlib-
Big Suwaydiya Big Suwaydiya50.Ar-Raqqah Ar-Raqqah-

1 - 50 of 174 places
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