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Places in Syria with MU

Search and find places in Syria with first letters MU.

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Alphabetical index of places in Syria with MU

There are 233 places in Syria beginning with 'MU' (in alphabetical order).
1 - 50 of 233 places
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Page 1:   Mubasratun   to   Mukaymin al Qibli
Places in Syria with MU
Mubasratun Mubasrāţūn1.Aleppo Aleppo-
Mubattan Tahmaz Mubaţţan Ţahmāz2.Hama Hama-
Mudabbli Mudabblī3.Idlib Idlib-
Mudan Mūdān4.Homs Homs-
Mudawwarah Mudawwarah5.Ar-Raqqah Ar-Raqqah-
Mudawwarah al Kabirah Mudawwarah al Kabīrah6.Hama Hama-
Mudayra Mudayrā7.Rif-dimashq Rif-dimashq-
Muflis Muflis8.Aleppo Aleppo-
Muflisah Muflisah9.Aleppo Aleppo-
Mugharat az Zabib Mughārat az Zabīb10.Idlib Idlib-
Mughaydilah Mughaydilah11.Idlib Idlib-
Mughayrat Mughayrāt12.Aleppo Aleppo-
Mughayriyah Mughayrīyah13.Latakia Latakia-
Mughayzil Mughayzīl14.Homs Homs-
Mughr Mughr15.Quneitra Quneitra-
Mughr al Balat Mughr al Balāţ16.Rif-dimashq Rif-dimashq-
Mughr al Mir Mughr al Mīr17.Rif-dimashq Rif-dimashq-
Muh Hasan Mūḩ Ḩasan18.Deir ez-Zor Deir ez-Zor-
Muhajil Muḩajīl19.Deir ez-Zor Deir ez-Zor-
Muhajir Muhājir20.Latakia Latakia-
Muhambal Muḩambal21.Idlib Idlib-
Muhammad ad Dandal Muḩammad ad Dandal22.Deir ez-Zor Deir ez-Zor-
Muhammad al `Ayyash Muḩammad al ‘Ayyāsh23.Deir ez-Zor Deir ez-Zor-
Muhammad ash Shaqhah Muhammad ash Shaqḩah24.Deir ez-Zor Deir ez-Zor-
Muhammad ash Shaykh Muḩammad ash Shaykh25.Ar-Raqqah Ar-Raqqah-
Muhammad Husayn Muḩammad Ḩusayn26.Ar-Raqqah Ar-Raqqah-
Muhammad Musa al `Ali Muḩammad Mūsá al ‘Alī27.Aleppo Aleppo-
Muhammad Rimah Muḩammad Rimāḩ28.Deir ez-Zor Deir ez-Zor-
Muhammadiyah Muḩammadīyah29.Hama Hama-
Muhaylah Muḩaylah30.Al-Hasakah Al-Hasakah-
Muhaylibah Muḩaylibah31.Tartus Tartus-
Muhaymidah Muḩaymīdah32.Deir ez-Zor Deir ez-Zor-
Muhayri al Mawarinah Muhayrī al Mawārinah33.Tartus Tartus-
Muhayrikah Muḩayrīkah34.Al-Hasakah Al-Hasakah-
Muhaysiniyah Muḩaysinīyah35.Ar-Raqqah Ar-Raqqah-
Muhradah Muḩradah36.Hama Hama-
Muhsinli Muḩsinlī37.Aleppo Aleppo-
Muhtaraq Kabir Muḩtaraq Kabīr38.Aleppo Aleppo-
Muhtaraq Saghir Muḩtaraq Şaghīr39.Aleppo Aleppo-
Mujabirah Mujābirah40.Al-Hasakah Al-Hasakah-
Mujaddarah Mujaddarah41.Al-Hasakah Al-Hasakah-
Mujarja` Mujarja‘42.Al-Hasakah Al-Hasakah-
Mujaydil Mujaydil43.Daraa Daraa-
Mujaydil Mujaydil44.Homs Homs-
Mujaydil Mujaydil45.Tartus Tartus-
Mujbir Mujbir46.Tartus Tartus-
Mujik Mūjik47.Aleppo Aleppo-
Mujik Mūjik48.Aleppo Aleppo-
Mujik Maylu Mūjik Maylū49.Aleppo Aleppo-
Mukaymin al Qibli Mukaymin al Qiblī50.Hama Hama-

1 - 50 of 233 places
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