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Places in Syria with SI

Search and find places in Syria with first letters SI.

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Alphabetical index of places in Syria with SI

There are 73 places in Syria beginning with 'SI' (in alphabetical order).
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Page 1:   Siba`   to   Sirat al Humra
Places in Syria with SI
Siba` Sibā‘1.Hama Hama-
Sidi `Ali Sīdī ‘Alī2.Idlib Idlib-
Sidyan Sidyān3.Aleppo Aleppo-
Siftik al Ula Siftik al Ūlá4.Aleppo Aleppo-
Siftik al Wasati Siftik al Wasaţī5.Aleppo Aleppo-
Sighata Sīghātā6.Hama Hama-
Sighata Sighātā7.Idlib Idlib-
Siha Sīḩā8.Al-Hasakah Al-Hasakah-
Siha Sīḩā9.Al-Hasakah Al-Hasakah-
Siha Sīḩā10.Al-Hasakah Al-Hasakah-
Siha Sīḩā11.Al-Hasakah Al-Hasakah-
Siha Sīḩā12.Al-Hasakah Al-Hasakah-
Siha Sīḩā13.Al-Hasakah Al-Hasakah-
Siha Sīḩā14.Al-Hasakah Al-Hasakah-
Siha Sīḩā15.Al-Hasakah Al-Hasakah-
Siha Sīḩā16.Al-Hasakah Al-Hasakah-
Siha Sīḩā17.Al-Hasakah Al-Hasakah-
Siha Sīḩā18.Al-Hasakah Al-Hasakah-
Siha Mabshiyah Sīḩā Mabshīyah19.Al-Hasakah Al-Hasakah-
Siha Sahwah Sīḩā Sahwah20.Al-Hasakah Al-Hasakah-
Sihah Gharbiyah Sīḩah Gharbīyah21.Al-Hasakah Al-Hasakah-
Sihah Khutala Sīḩah Khūtālā22.Al-Hasakah Al-Hasakah-
Sihah Shammar Sīḩah Shammar23.Al-Hasakah Al-Hasakah-
Sihal Siḩāl24.Idlib Idlib-
Siham `Adra Sihām ‘Adrā25.Tartus Tartus-
Sihan Sīḩān26.Al-Hasakah Al-Hasakah-
Sijaraz Sījarāz27.Aleppo Aleppo-
Sijju Salamah Sijjū Salāmah28.Aleppo Aleppo-
Sillayah Sillāyah29.Latakia Latakia-
Silli Sillī30.Idlib Idlib-
Sillu Sillū31.Deir ez-Zor Deir ez-Zor-
Silsilah Silsilah32.Aleppo Aleppo-
Simariyan Simariyān33.-
Simlin Simlīn34.Daraa Daraa-
Sin Sīn35.Aleppo Aleppo-
Sindiyan Sindiyān36.Hama Hama-
Sindiyanah al Gharbiyah Sindiyānah al Gharbīyah37.Homs Homs-
Sindiyanah ash Sharqiyah Sindiyānah ash Sharqīyah38.Homs Homs-
Sindiyanat Ubin Sindiyānat Ubīn39.Tartus Tartus-
Sinjar Sinjār40.Al-Hasakah Al-Hasakah-
Sinjar Sinjār41.Hama Hama-
Sinjar Sinjār42.Idlib Idlib-
Sinjiwan Sinjiwān43.Latakia Latakia-
Sinnarah Sinnārah44.Aleppo Aleppo-
Siqba Siqbā45.Dimashq Dimashq-
Siqba Siqbā46.Rif-dimashq Rif-dimashq-
Sir al Khurfan Sīr al Khurfān47.Quneitra Quneitra-
Sir at Tawil Şīr aţ Ţawīl48.Idlib Idlib-
Siraj Sirāj49.Latakia Latakia-
Sirat al Humra Şīrat al Humrā50.Idlib Idlib-

1 - 50 of 73 places
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