Distances from As Safafinah

Distances from As Safafinah to the largest cities and places in Syria. Have a closer look at the distances from As Safafinah to the largest places in Syria.

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Distances from As Safafinah to the largest places in Syria
Albu Kamal Ālbū Kamāl1.57,5725.3 km 3.3 mishow
Hajin Hajīn2.29,23725 km 15 mishow
Subaykhan Subaykhān3.25,51451 km 32 mishow
Al Mayadin Al Mayādīn4.54,53474 km 46 mishow
Deir ez-Zor Deir ez-Zor5.271,800119 km 74 mishow
Al Hasakah Al Ḩasakah6.422,445224 km 139 mishow
Ar Raqqah Ar Raqqah7.531,952240 km 149 mishow
Tadmur Tadmur8.51,015244 km 152 mishow
Ath Thawrah Ath Thawrah9.87,880264 km 164 mishow
Jinniyah Jinnīyah10.5,000274 km 170 mishow
Ad Darbasiyah Ad Darbāsīyah11.21,481288 km 179 mishow
Flaleh Flaleh12.120310 km 192 mishow
Altala Altala13.170318 km 198 mishow
Qabbasin Qabbāsīn14.12,000324 km 201 mishow
Al Qaryatayn Al Qaryatayn15.31,748342 km 212 mishow
Dayr Hafir Dayr Ḩāfir16.28,905347 km 216 mishow
Manbij Manbij17.99,497353 km 219 mishow
'Ayn al 'Arab ‘Ayn al ‘Arab18.50,000355 km 221 mishow
Mukharram al Fawqani Mukharram al Fawqānī19.9,112355 km 221 mishow
As Salamiyah As Salamīyah20.94,887361 km 224 mishow
As Safirah As Safīrah21.63,708369 km 230 mishow
Jarabulus Jarābulus22.24,997371 km 230 mishow
Tadif Tādif23.34,670372 km 231 mishow
Kabbasin Kabbasin24.51,230375 km 233 mishow
Al Bab Al Bāb25.130,745375 km 233 mishow
Homs Homs26.775,404388 km 241 mishow
Tallbisah Tallbīsah27.38,491388 km 241 mishow
Qarah Qārah28.20,656388 km 241 mishow
Ar Rastan Ar Rastan29.53,152389 km 241 mishow
Hamah Ḩamāh30.460,602389 km 242 mishow
Kafr Saghir Kafr Şaghīr31.3,130390 km 242 mishow
Al Ghantu Al Ghanţū32.9,412391 km 243 mishow
An Nabk An Nabk33.49,372392 km 243 mishow
Aleppo Aleppo34.2,098,210393 km 244 mishow
Suran Şūrān35.30,716393 km 244 mishow
Jayrud Jayrūd36.32,352395 km 245 mishow
Tayyibat al Imam Ţayyibat al Imām37.29,259396 km 246 mishow
Yabrud Yabrūd38.40,502399 km 248 mishow
Al Qusayr Al Quşayr39.41,062401 km 249 mishow
Murak Mūrak40.14,307401 km 249 mishow
Kafr Musa Al-Hmidiya Kafr Mūsá Al-Hmidiya41.3,000405 km 251 mishow
Halfaya Ḩalfāyā42.23,403405 km 252 mishow
Khan Shaykhun Khān Shaykhūn43.48,975406 km 252 mishow
Saraqib Saraqib44.34,231406 km 253 mishow
Kafr Zayta Kafr Zaytā45.21,845408 km 254 mishow
Al Qutayfah Al Quţayfah46.16,118409 km 254 mishow
Kafr Laha Kafr Lāhā47.21,819410 km 255 mishow
Ma`lula Ma‘lūlā48.5,000412 km 256 mishow
Tall Rif`at Tall Rif‘at49.25,658413 km 256 mishow
Tremseh Tremseh50.6,927415 km 258 mishow

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